…to write or not to write… in English

On one hand, most of the wisdom ( 😉 ) I’d like to share here is already available in English (and/or German). My primary goal was introducing it in Poland, and it’s Polish musicians I am thinking about when writing.

On the other hand, friends whom I told about the blog so far are all either non-musicians or from abroad and asking me to write in English so they too can understand…


I have quite a dilemma here!… Blog’s integrity or more readers? 😉

Well, when it comes to readers, I haven’t really done any work yet… I’m afraid of the typical Polish criticism and sort of waiting until I become a total super pro before I reveal the blog to my fellow Poles 😉  Though reasoning suggests that’s not the way to go, especially since the total-super-pro-thing might never happen!…

Sooo… perhaps I should try to translate the previous entries (at least the ones that make some sense!) and write the future ones in both languages. Perhaps.

But first I’ll go and tell a couple of Polish (!) Musos (!) about the blog. What the heck!


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